The Seattle nightmare

March 3rd, 2008

Its a shame that more people aren’t paying attention to the Sonics being moved outside of those in the Seattle area. Every fan of a professional sports team needs to realize that this can happen to their own team if ownership changes and the new owners are determined to move the franchise to another location. Imagine all the memories you have with your favorite team uprooted and sent somewhere else. Its hard enough when favorite players get traded; seeing them in other uniforms (Seinfeld: we root for Laundry) is bizarre and oddly uncomfortable. Seeing an entire team move is a whole other level of discomfort. Anger, sadness, depression – all valid. I am not a Seattle Supersonics fan but I can appreciate their rich history and can’t imagine how upset I’d be if somehow the Knicks were to leave New York. This story needs more national attention. Something needs to give. There has to be a way to keep the Sonics in Seattle. People have proposed protests, sit-ins, and rallies. What’s it going to be Clay Bennett? Will you really rip the heart out of all the Sonics fans? What a shame…

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