Far Rockaway, Brooklyn, New York

June 29th, 2010

Tzura, Israel

June 29th, 2010

Central Park, NYC

June 15th, 2010

On Lebron

June 8th, 2010

When the playoffs began, I was asked who I’d be rooting for. As if it were possible to properly adopt a team for the playoffs when your blood is blue and orange. I can’t. If you cut me, that’s how I bleed. But I digress. When I have my fan hat on, all my rooting interests come back to how it could potentially affect the Knicks in a positive way. And with Lebron’s looming free agency, the only scenario in the playoffs that could help the Knicks was some set of circumstances by which Lebron felt he had to leave Cleveland.

So, to answer the question I responded: a Cavs meltdown. Some big flare up by the owner, an incident, a terrible set of losses and disappointment that drives Lebron away from the team he has called his own for 7 seasons.

Sure enough, that is what we got: the Cavs lost, and in ugly fashion. Lebron seemingly quit at the end. Indecent rumors about indecent teammate activity. The owner Dan Gilbert in an uproar. The crowd booing Lebron and the rest of the team. Getting entirely outplayed by the Celtics. Mike Brown job ending speculation and subsequently being let go. Now Danny Ferry resigning. Unrest in Cleveland. This unsettling situation in Cleveland is exactly that scenario that can make you see how Lebron would some how leave what has been a winning team for the majority of his time there.

Before the playoffs I guess-timated it was 80/20 chance that he stayed in Cleveland. Now, with all the unrest, I think it is more like a 60/40 chance that he leaves. That 60% is split between 3-4 teams I would say, and one of those teams is absolutely the Knicks. So, good things – potentially. At least we can dream. One can argue that this is the best time to be a Knicks fan in the last 10 years. July 1st, here we come!

Jabul el-Mukkaber

June 2nd, 2010

…and the rolling hills of East Jerusalem.

Forget the worry, forget the politics, forget it all if you can. Escape to a game. For just a minute you can relax and ball in amazing scenery. The intermittent song of the muezzin in the far-off and not-so-far-off add to the setting, the beautiful assault on the senses of it. This picture is a prime example of why the hoop photo collection exists.

But can you forget